By Jessica Plautz
July 28, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin America

Travelers who have booked a flight on Virgin America's website should find the airline's upcoming mobile app very familiar.

Virgin America—a domestic favorite that was recently acquired by Alaska Airlines—is rolling out the app in beta in the next couple weeks, and launching it publicly later this summer.

“We see this app as a continuation of our website,” Luanne Calvert, Virgin America's chief marketing officer, told Travel + Leisure. “We wanted it to look good, but at the same time we wanted it to be fast. We wanted to make an app that was worthy of our guests.”

The app features an impressively simple experience for booking, managing, and checking in to flights. Virgin America designed the app with Work & Co, a Brooklyn-based digital product design shop.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin America

“All the screens in this app are designed to ask you one question at a time,” Joe Stewart, a partner at Work & Co, told T+L.

New users will begin with a brief, one-time onboarding focused on air travel preferences: A city you travel to frequently, or a favored seat (window or aisle?).

After onboarding, each interaction with the app is designed to be clean, clear, and pleasing to the eyes, according to Stewart.

There are customized screens showing destinations, a calendar with prices for booking, options for baggage and seating, and on through the boarding pass. The choices create a flow that will get passengers checked in for a flight in less than 60 seconds, said Calvert.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin America

“Check in is crazy, crazy fast. Even upgrading is really quick, because we have all your information saved,” said Stewart. “I just like using this app, and I hate everything.”

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin America

There's one notable addition to the app that is not a basic function, though: themed Spotify playlists based on your destination. It's a feature that matches Virgin America's in-flight aesthetic well.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin America

“We have the best website, and now we think we're going to have the best app,” said Calvert.