Are there any drawbacks to being ridiculously good looking? Apparently, if you’re working at an airport, the answer is yes.

According to Inc, one 25-year-old airport worker in Xiamen, China got in trouble with his bosses when a video of him started to circulate on social media. The reason the video was so popular was because people who saw him working on the tarmac were captivated by his good looks.

At the time, the worker had no idea he was being filmed by a passenger. According to Inc, people on social media compared him to South Korean actor and fellow beautiful person, Song Joong-Ki.

China News Service reported that the man’s viral fame resulted in a 10-percent pay cut because he violated the company dress code and had his hands in his pockets in the video.

His employers were reportedly concerned that his casual and “untidy” appearance would reflect badly on the company given that 1 million people saw the video on the site Tik Tok. Of course, the man's new fans were outraged and blamed the pay cut on his looks.

On China's top microblogging site Weibo, people came to the man’s defense, saying you shouldn’t hate this man just because he’s beautiful. According to China News Service, one user, @jintianyoumeixiezuoyea, said, "His boss must be jealous of his handsomeness."

The handsome man in question, however, maintained that his company “did nothing wrong,” according to China News Service.

“It was my fault for not keeping with the correct standards in terms of dress code and behavior. Please don't bombard the passenger who uploaded the video online. I never blamed her, because she didn't mean to cause me any harm,” the man wrote online.

Whether or not his chiseled cheekbones were a factor, a 10-percent pay cut seems a bit steep for an untucked shirt. But at this rate, his work on the airport runway will land him a second job on the fashion runways before long.