Forty-seven years ago, the world was introduced to what would become one of the most important designs in travel history.

Boeing 747 1969
Credit: AFP/Getty Images

On February 9th, 2016 Boeing celebrated its 47th anniversary of the Boeing 747's maiden voyage. The Jumbo Jet made an early entrance to the idea of commercial flight, considering its first flight happened in 1969—prime "Golden Age of Travel" timing. Since then, it's known as one of the most well traveled aircrafts (and more recently was the winner of a much-admired in-air "drag race" of sorts).

Atlas Obscura does a great job breaking down what it took to make the dream a reality (a team of 50,000 people working nonstop for 16 months). There's also a promo video that has resurfaced, sharing some of the behind-the-scenes of the Boeing 747 production, including footage from its very first takeoff on February 9th, 1969. Heads up: the video is just a tad over 14 minutes long, but it's completely worth following through to the end. Check it out below:

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