Oscar Munoz to be questioned by Congress on May 2, 2017.
United CEO Oscar Munoz.
| Credit: Bloomberg Finance/Getty Images

The House Transportation Committee will be questioning airline executives on Capitol Hill on Tuesday after recent incidents have highlighted poor treatment of passengers.

The committee is looking into “what can be done to improve the flying experience for American travelers,” Reuters reported.

United CEO Oscar Munoz is the headliner: The forcible removal of passenger Dr. David Dao on a United flight sparked public outcry made stronger by existing resentment for how commercial airlines have treated travelers in recent years.

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In addition to Munoz, American Airlines' senior vice president of customer experience, Alaska Airlines' senior vice president of external relations, and Southwest's executive vice president and chief commercial officer will be questioned.

The incident has sparked changes at other major airlines: Delta announced that it would pay up to $9,950, if needed, to get a passenger to voluntarily give up a seat. Southwest announced it would no longer overbook.