United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner Longest Flight Los Angeles Singapore
Credit: Courtesy of United Airlines

Be sure to pack a pillow and a toothbrush if you’re flying this route. And also maybe a change of clothes, a book or four, and some extra snacks.

United Airlines, which already flies some of the industry’s longest flights, claims it’s ready to add the longest nonstop flight ever flown by a U.S. airline. In the fall, the airline plans to add an 8,700-mile route connecting Los Angeles and Singapore.

According to USA Today, the service would surpass both Qantas’ 8,576-mile Dallas-Fort Worth to Sydney nonstop route and United’s own 8,446-mile San Francisco to Singapore route. The route has yet to be approved by regulators.

“It’s the longest route from the U.S. to anywhere in the world. It’s definitely prestigious,” said Patrick Quayle, a vice president at United, to the Today in the Sky blog.

The entire flying time would take 17 hours and 55 minutes, which also tops Qatar Airways’ 17 hours, 40 minute flight from Auckland, New Zealand, to Doha, Qatar.

United intends for the extra long flight to be flown on the Boeing 787-9 “Dreamliner,” which is designed for long flights.

The decision to add another route from L.A. to Singapore only improves United’s presence in the Pacific. Quayle noted, “What makes United unique is our Asia-Pacific network. This Singapore flight is just a further example of solidifying that presence from our Los Angeles hub.”

Airlines are frequently battling it out for the title of world's longest flight, whether by distance or scheduled flight time (which varies depending on the direction and winds).

By distance and time, Qatar's flight from Doha to Auckland will still surpass United's latest foray into long distance.