But it didn't go well.

United can't win.
Credit: United/Twitter

United just can’t win these days.

When you’re in the middle of multiple PR nightmares, it’s hard to bounce back, even when you’re trying to reach out to the one person on the internet who make literally everyone feel good.

On Tuesday, Carter Wilkerson, lovingly known as the “Nuggets Guy” on Twitter, finally achieved his goal of winning free chicken nuggets for a year from Wendy’s after achieving 3.43 million retweets.

Not only will Wilkerson enjoy free nuggets, but he’s also now the record holder for the most retweets for all time.

In addition to the nuggets, Wendy’s is also giving a donation of $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

United offered Wilkerson a free flight to any city they serve for his free nuggets.

While the offer seems pretty generous in theory, several other users on the internet did not seem very amused. Basically, Wilkerson is the most popular kid on the internet right now, and United can’t sit with him.

Many users made comments, some humorous and some in earnest, about United’s recent PR troubles, and accused the airline of piggybacking off of Wilkerson’s success.

Some people on Twitter made jokes like “it’s a trap,” and, “Can't wait to see you get dragged out of the plane with a bag full of #nuggz.”

It’s hard to be the least popular kid.