Even planes get great retirement parties.

United Airlines Boeing 747 Airplane flight
Credit: Courtesy of United Airlines

United Airlines is officially retiring the Boeing 747, which made its inaugural trip on November 1, 1970 with a flight from San Francisco to Honolulu.

In honor of its swan song flight, the airline is putting together a retro-inspired, goodbye send-off for the aircraft, complete with a 1970s themed menu, a retro-uniformed crew, and period-appropriate inflight entertainment.

Vintage Historic Archival United Boeing 747 airplane interior 1970s
Credit: Courtesy of Boeing

Seats on the one-way flight (which departs San Francisco at 11 a.m. PST) are available for purchase directly through United. In addition, the seats in the upper deck of the plane will be left unsold, so all of the passengers can visit the space during the flight. (Finally, some leg room.)

According to Travel Weekly, United plans to fly its final international route using a 747, from Seoul to San Francisco, on October 29.

While exact details have yet to be released, we hope nostalgic travelers get a chance to sip a Harvey Wallbanger while enjoying a screening of Planet of the Apes at cruising altitude.