United Airlines Las Vegas McCarran Airport voucher
Credit: Getty Images

This story was originally published on October 3, 2017.

United Airlines has issued a travel waiver to allow customers who have booked flights to or from Las Vegas between October 2 and October 13 to reschedule their flights without incurring any extra fees.

The fee waiver is valid as long as the reservation is rescheduled in the originally ticketed cabin (in any fare class) and between the same cities.

The waiver also states that if customers wish to depart after Oct. 13, 2017, or change their departure or destination city, the change fee will still be waived, but a difference in fare may apply. Customers must also rescheduled their travel plans within one year from the date when their original ticket was issued.

Most of the time, airlines issue these kinds of waivers due to weather issues, much like waivers that have been put in place for customers traveling during Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria.

However, acts of violence can also trigger a travel waiver in order to help customers who wish to change their travel plans with no hassle. For example, many airlines issued travel waivers following the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.

According to Fox News, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are also planning to issue travel waivers for customers.