All-day Stroopwafels included.

By Andrea Romano
July 02, 2019
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Courtesy of United Airlines

United’s new in-flight offerings might actually make you excited about airplane food.

According to a statement by the airline, United is now offering passengers a choice of three complimentary in-flight snack items in economy class on all domestic flights. As of July 1, passengers will be able to take their pick of Byrd's Maple Wafers, pretzels, and caramel stroopwafels (a cult customer favorite) every time they fly.

Even though flying doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper, it does seem that economy class is getting one or two extra perks lately. Delta announced this week that it is bringing hot towel service and complimentary cocktails to its main economy cabins starting in November as well.

Let’s hope these little luxuries for the main cabin are a trend that will stick.

“Since we reintroduced free snacks a few years ago, our customers have come to look forward to enjoying their personal favorites on board,” Toby Enqvist, United's chief customer officer, said in a statement. “Now we're going a step further and when it comes to snacks, every customer wins since our entire inflight snack lineup is available to choose from no matter the time of day.”

United’s delicate stroopwafel, two waffle cookies with caramel in the middle, was previously only served as a breakfast item, USA Today pointed out, much to the dismay of passengers who craved the Dutch-style snack. But now customers can happily enjoy the treat morning, noon, and night. Or, they can munch on salty pretzels or equally sweet and crunchy maple cookies.

Complimentary food has not always been a given on United. The free snack program was only reintroduced by the airline in 2016. United also has an array of drinks and premium snacks for purchase through its Choice Menu Snack Shop and Bistro on board all of its flights, Travel Pulse reported.

Several airlines have toyed with the idea of free food for the last several years. Perhaps free meals will become a thing again for passengers in the future. We can dream, can’t we?