Passengers can text “Clean” to FLYUA (35982) to their United Automated Assistant.

By Cailey Rizzo
July 31, 2020

As rules and policies for air travel continue to evolve amid the coronavirus pandemic, United is keeping its passengers informed with the help of a new text hotline.

In a new service launch on Thursday, passengers can text “Clean” to FLYUA (35982) to their United Automated Assistant, in regards to everything the airline's cleaning protocol, United CleanPlus, how to prepare for an upcoming trip, changes in-flight service, and operating hours of United Club locations.

"The travel experience has changed a lot from just a few months ago – we've overhauled our safety and cleaning procedures and this new text functionality makes it easier for our customers to stay informed," Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President for Technology and Chief Digital Officer at United, said in a statement. "Whether you want to know the latest about our social distancing and face-covering policies or see how the boarding and deplaning process has changed, our Automated Assistant is designed to meet the customer where they are and get them answers in a simple, fast and easy way."

As flying changes, United is moving more of its routines to contactless and digital methods and heightened its cleaning procedures. Passengers on standby or waiting for an upgrade will also receive a text once they have been cleared and assigned a seat. The measure is meant to save them time and limit person-to-person interactions at the airport.

Passengers are also required to disclose their health status while they're checking into their flight. They will also be deplaning passengers from back to front, five rows at a time.

United also introduced a measure that notifies passengers in advance if their flight is likely to be full and allows them to rebook or receive a travel credit.