See this year's strangest finds.
Credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

With millions of people making their way through airport security, the Transportation Security Administration can sometimes come across some pretty bizarre items.

In a new video, the TSA highlighted the 10 most unusual finds in 2016, from a replica suicide vase to dead seahorses in a brandy bottle.

While some of the items are just wacky, others are clearly dangerous.

  1. Movie prop corpse
  2. Post-apocalyptic bullet-adorned gas mask
  3. Five-bladed flogger
  4. Dead seahorses in a brandy bottle
  5. Bladed dragon claw
  6. Replica suicide vest
  7. Golden hand grenade
  8. Negan's bat “Lucille”
  9. Hello Kitty firearm
  10. Hand grenade trailer hitch cover

Three of the items, including the movie prop course, came from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, though finds Connecticut, Miami, San Luis Obispo, New Jersey, Virginia, Detroit, and Houston airports also made the cut.