The TSA Has Found Everything From Laptops to Bowling Balls Left Behind — Here's How to Not Forget Your Stuff (Video)

Think you're the only one who has ever left something behind while going through TSA? You're nowhere near alone.

In fact, each month the Transportation Security Administration collects about 90,000 to 100,000 lost and forgotten items from checkpoints, according to CNBC.

From common items like sunglasses and scarves to more expensive things like laptops, the TSA collects these items and stores them for a minimum of 30 days.

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“When it comes to laptops, many brands are grey and the same color as the checkpoint bins, so it can be easy to overlook your laptop,” TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein told CNBC. “Also, if a bin has an advertisement in the bottom, travelers’ eyes may be drawn to the ad and cause them to miss the driver’s license and keys still in the bin.”

They’ve found interesting belongings like bowling balls, gold teeth and urns, CNBC reported. And passengers have even left behind baseball memorabilia, Farbstein tweeted.

Your chances of losing something also go up with the more bins you use to get through security.

If you do leave something behind, Farbstein said there are a few things you can do to help your chances of getting it back. She told the network it’s a good idea to tape your contact information to items like your laptop, and take stock of your items before you leave the security area.

It also helps to bring a plastic bag for your smaller items so you can keep them together, rather than letting them sit loose in the security bin, she added.

But if you’re just hopelessly absent minded, you’re in luck — several large U.S. airports will be receiving advanced 3D X-ray scanners later this year that would allow passengers to leave their large electronic devices inside their carry-on bags.

In the meantime, travelers can always apply for TSA PreCheck for this privilege, as well.

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