"What can look so beautiful at 30? An airplane."

Trump impressed a plane can look so beautiful at 30.
Credit: Getty Images

President Donald Trump took a tour of the Boeing assembly plant in Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday.

Besides taking a tour of the plant and unveiling the new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, Trump was also on the trip for matters of jobs and budget. He has criticized the cost of Boeing aircraft although he has not explained what specifically is overpriced. Boeing has a contract to build the next Air Force One, the presidential aircraft.

In his speech at the facility, Trump took the opportunity to comment on the current Air Force One plane's looks.

"That plane, as beautiful as it looks, is 30 years old,” the president said. “What can look so beautiful at 30?"

Boeing South Carolina employs about 7,500 people, also contributing to additional jobs in the state, according to a Boeing spokesperson.

The company is so ingrained in U.S. history that every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has visited a Boeing facility, or a company that Boeing now owns.