Seven Tips for Getting Your Sex Toys Through Airport Security

With a little research, you can save yourself some red-faced hassle.

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According to a recent study,more than 50 percent of people say they are more likely to be intimate with their significant other while on vacation than they are at home. And it was also revealed that traveling in general could provide a boost in your sex drive. With all that passion brewing, you may want to step outside your comfort zone a bit and bring some adult toys along on the trip.

But, figuring out how to pack those intimate items in an already full suitcase can be a problem. Not to mention getting them through security (handcuff problems anyone?). That's why Travel + Leisure reached out to We-Vibe's Global Passion Ambassador, Tristan Weedmark, for her tips on seamlessly getting sex toys through security.

1. Choose a smaller vibrator

When traveling, it's always advisable to pack light, and the same goes for your sex toys. You won't want to be lugging around a big vibrator in your suitcase and you certainly won't want a huge mysterious object to pop up on the security monitor. Instead, stick with a petite but powerful toy that can easily be tucked away in an inner suitcase pocket.

2. Prevent impromptu buzzing

Having your vibrator accidentally start buzzing as you go through airport security will certainly draw unwanted attention. If you have a battery-operated toy, simply remove the batteries. If you have a rechargeable vibrator, you may want to run the charge out before you pack it. This might mean using it every night for a week before your trip, but who's complaining about that?

3. Bag it

Put your vibrator in a clear plastic bag. This way, if TSA screeners do open your bag, they'll be able to see what it is without having their hands all over it; much more hygienic!

4. Play it cool

TSA staff are trained to pick up on travelers who are acting suspiciously. If you act nervous because you're worried about your vibrator being found, they'll notice. Try to stay cool, calm, and collected. Always keep in mind, you are certainly not the first or last person to travel with a vibrator.

5. Own it

Let's say the worst-case scenario does happen and the TSA screener searches your bag. The best thing you can do is tell the truth. Traveling with a vibrator says that you're comfortable with your sexuality and there is nothing wrong with that. Be confident and comfortable, and you'll save yourself from any more questions or probing.

6. Follow the 3-oz. Rule

If you plan to bring some lube or toy cleaner to go along with your vibrator, it shouldn't be an issue—so long as you follow the TSA's restrictions for liquids. Keep it to 3 ounces or less.

7. Do Your Research

Unfortunately, some countries, like India and the United Arab Emirates, have restrictions on sex toys. Do your research ahead of time to avoid the risk of having your vibrator confiscated. The TSA also has a handy "Can I Bring?" search tool on its website. Enter the name of the product you're planning to bring, such as "vibrator" or "lube," and you'll quickly be able to see if the item is permitted and any restrictions that might apply.

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