Commercial aircraft suitable for carrying cargo such as the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - which was purposely built for easy conversion into a cargo aircraft. Large aircraft employ quick-loading containers. Cargo bay on heavy lift airplane. Aircraft being loa
Credit: Jens Kuhfs

A teenage boy snuck into the cargo area of an Emirates plane in China this week. He wasn’t caught until the plane landed in Dubai.

The airline told Chinese media on Tuesday that they were cooperating with authorities and the issue was in the hands of local police. China's Xinhua News Agency reported the 16-year-old boy with the last name Xu made the illegal trip because he heard panhandlers in Dubai could earn a lot of money.

The boy gained access to the plane by reportedly jumping over a fence at Shanghai airport and climbing into the cargo area when security wasn’t looking. It wasn’t revealed if the stowaway was harmed in the process.