This Is the Most Common Airport Anxiety, According to New Survey (Video)

Traveling is without question a joyful and thrilling experience. However, the journey from point A to point B can come with some seriously anxiety-producing moments. And, according to a new survey by Priority Pass, it appears we all agree on which moments exactly cause us the most travel strife.

For the survey, Priority Pass polled 1,720 respondents to learn about their general airport routines and the stresses that trigger them most while traveling. It specifically asked which areas of the departure lounge they visit, which scenarios they find the most stressful, and what they worry about the most whilst traveling.

According to the findings, 49 percent of travelers agreed that baggage collection was the most stressful moment at the actual airport. But, even that wasn’t the most stressful part.

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As the survey found, that honor went to getting to the airport in the first place. In total, 63 percent of people worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and thus missing their flight.

And that’s not an unfounded fear. About 9 percent of people admitted to having missed their flight, with nearly 2 in 10 (19 percent) admitting they have had to sprint to the gate to catch their flight.

Coming in a close second, 61 percent of people are worried about their baggage getting lost too.

The least stressful part? Well, that answer may surprise you. According to the survey, participants found the boarding process, finding their seat on the plane, and the flight itself as the least stressful moments while traveling.

As for how people relax at the airport, the survey found many do so by heading to the bar or to the shops. Over a third of respondents said they visit the pubs and restaurants at the departure lounge. The most popular and busiest part of the airport, the survey found, is the duty-free store. Almost half of the respondents said they take time to look around for a few tax-free deals to bring along with them.

So, next time you have a trip coming up make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the airport, double check your luggage, and go enjoy a pint before your flight. It may just make for a more relaxing journey.

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