Beachgoers at St. Maarten.
Beachgoers next to St. Maarten's airport. This is not the spot for relaxing in the sun.
| Credit: Adam Mukamal/Getty Images

St. Maarten's airport is known for its dramatic takeoffs and landings: The runway is so close to the beach that sunbathers can practically reach up and touch the planes.

But even though we've seen the photos, this video of a takeoff is intense:

Planes are usually landing over this St. Maarten beach, but as The Points Guy notes if the wind changes planes will take off over the beach. And this flight used up most of the runway before just clearing the airport fence.

“Perhaps it’s just the angle, but it actually looks like the plane’s landing gear came perilously close to taking out onlookers who duck for cover as the airplane passes above,” Wallace Cotton writes on The Points Guy. Yikes.