A Spirit Airlines aircraft sits at the airport.
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

With their newest rewards program, Spirit Airlines is flipping the script and rewarding customers for saving money.

For travel booked through the month of August, loyalty members will earn more points the less they spend. For spending less than $75 on a ticket, Free Spirit members will earn 1,000 miles.

And the number of miles earned goes down the more a customer spends. For fares worth $76 to $125, members earn 500 miles. Any ticket up to $200 will earn 150 miles.

The offer is valid on both round-trip and one-way tickets.

Customers who are part of Spirit’s $9 fare program, a membership buy-in program that costs $60 per year, will earn even more points than basic loyalty members—more than twice as many in most cases.

“We want to fly in the face of changing loyalty programs and reward customers for saving money, not spending it,” Bobby Schroeter, Spirit's vice president of consumer marketing, said in a statement.

Spirit's campaign is in stark contrast to major carriers, like Delta and United, that have moved more toward rewarding dollars spent, instead of miles flown.

To get the most savings from flying Spirit, flyers should remember the airline charges for extras—and extras are almost everything from seat assignments to snacks to carry-on bags.

The promotion comes after Spirit announced new nonstop routes out of Newark, New Jersey.

Those interested can register for the loyalty program on Spirit’s website. Just remember that Spirit’s rewards miles expire after three months. So those who don’t have frequent travel plans before the end of the year may have to resign to being rewarded only with the satisfaction of saving money on airfare.