Spirit Airlines Plane
Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Passengers onboard a Spirit Airlines flight out of Detroit were given quite the scare on Tuesday night when their aircraft began to violently shake just after takeoff.

"I thought we were going to die," passenger Jeff Luke told Fox News. "I texted my son, said 'I love you, I'm proud of you.' People were holding hands, praying, getting out of hand with their emotions, but you can't blame them."

According to a fellow passenger, the flight was at about 5,000 feet when there was a large bang “and the plane started to shake and shutter.”

Luckily for the passengers onboard, the captain remained in control and quickly circled back to the airport without any injuries or incidents.

"Once we got straightened out, everyone was cheering and clapping and praising God," Luke added. "The flight attendants went above and beyond the call of duty and the captain got us in on one engine."

However, it wasn’t just those in the air who felt they were in danger. According to CBS, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is investigating claims that hot metal fragments from the plane dropped from the sky and into people’s backyards.

According to FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory, who spoke with CBS, the agency is “interested in collecting these pieces so we can determine if they came from an aircraft, and if so, if they came from the same aircraft.”

Cory added that the investigation could last several weeks, but that the fragments were likely pieces of the blown apart engine. Luckily, just like in the aircraft, there were no reported injuries on the ground.