Southwest Airlines Plane
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s a new month, new year, and a new decade, which all adds up to one thing: It’s time for a new Southwest sale, too.

Southwest has been on a sale binge lately, offering up deeply discounted tickets to help would-be passengers finally take that vacation they’ve been dreaming of. If you’ve been holding off for the right time to book today may be your day as the airline’s sale tickets include those coveted $29 one-way tickets.

First, we have to go over the fine print of Southwest’s “Start the Year on a High Note” sale.

All bookings must be made by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Jan. 9. All tickets must be purchased at least 14 days in advance of all travel within the continental U.S. and 21 days in advance for all other travel.

The tickets are all nonrefundable and seats, travel days, and markets included in the sale are limited. The sale fares are valid on nonstop service where indicated. The sale tickets are valid for continental U.S. travel from Jan. 21 through March 7, 2020. Interisland Hawaii travel is valid from Jan. 28 through May 20, 2020. And, travel to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico is valid Jan. 28 through March 5, 2020, and April 14 through May 14, 2020. International travel is also valid Jan. 28 through March 5, 2020, and April 14 through May 14, 2020.

Ok now to the good stuff.

Those flying out of Los Angeles can find one-way tickets to Austin for just $128. There are also one-way tickets to Dallas for just $89, tickets to Memphis for $159, and even cross-country tickets to New York City for just $194. Those looking for an international getaway could even get all the way to San Jose, Costa Rica for just $256.

Passengers flying from New York can find one-way tickets to Chicago for $95. They may also fly on one-way tickets to warmer climates like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a mere $256. There are also one-way tickets to Nashville for $109, Panama City Beach in Florida for $169, and even one-way tickets to San Francisco for $185.

Oh, and as for those $29 one-way tickets, you’ll find those on all inter-island flights in Hawaii. Though you’ll have to first fly all the way to Hawaii to use them once you’re there you can explore all the islands with ease.

Want to see where you can go from your hub? Check out the sale website now.