By Andrea Romano
August 26, 2019
Southwest Airlines Airport Gate
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

No one likes a delayed flight, but every so often, people can find amazing ways to entertain themselves and lighten the mood.

On Thursday, Aug. 22, gate agents for Southwest Airlines managed to make a bad situation bearable, or dare we say, actually enjoyable, after a flight was delayed over two and a half hours at Orlando International Airport.

According to CNN, Kristen Dundas was waiting on a flight from Orlando to Washington D.C. when passengers were starting to get quite irritable at the extreme delay. In order to help everyone de-stress (and maybe just to pass the time), Southwest gate agents decided to hold a “Worst Driver’s License Photo” contest with passengers.

Dundas shared a video of people playing the game on Twitter, saying, “My flight to Washington DC has been delayed for almost 2 and a half hours and I was getting HEATED until this gate agent started playing games with everyone waiting to pass the time and now I'm like I'll wait all damn night if you keep this up.”

In addition to the driver’s license content, the agents also held a paper airplane folding contest. All winners were awarded $25 in Southwest vouchers and merchandise, according to CNN.

It’s not uncommon for both crew members and passengers to make a bad situation into a good one by letting a little loose. There have been times when people decided to hold dance-offs or create their own music videos during long layovers and delays.

And crew members aren’t cold to passengers’ frustration with delays. Pilots have event treated their passengers to burgers or pizza during extreme delays.

According to CNN, Dundas decided not to participate in the contests, but she certainly had fun watching them. “Once he started playing games, I was laughing and having a great time and didn't even mind that the flight was delayed,” she told CNN. The delay lasted about three hours and Dundas said everyone was in good spirits by the time the plane took off.

Dan Landson, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, told CNN, “This video is another great example of how we encourage our employees to have fun with customers.”

There are lots of ways to kill time at the airport, but not all pastimes come with prizes.