By Cailey Rizzo
October 22, 2019
Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Sings for Passengers
Credit: Getty Images

We’re flyin’ on up...

A Southwest flight attendant, nicknamed Scooby, sang her way through the safety speech on one of the airlines' new inter-island Hawaii flights earlier this month — to the delight of the plane's passengers.

Captured on social media by Hawaii meteorologist Malika Dudley, the flight attendant reminded passengers to stow their tray tables and fasten their seatbelts in a catchy melody, set to the tune of “The Jeffersons” theme song. Instead of “movin’ on up” passengers were reminded they were “flyin’ on up” from Kahului to Honolulu on October 8.

Her rendition earned a round of applause from the cabin.

Southwest employees are often encouraged to have fun and personalize their boarding greetings to passengers.

One of the most famous viral instances of a Southwest safety speech was a 2016 Looney Tunes rendition where a flight attendant impersonated Elmer Fudd, Buggs Bunny and Foghorn Leghorn all in one announcement. Another gave a very sexy enactment of the in-flight safety speech, complete with some suggestive moves with a seatbelt. A few months ago, a Southwest gate agent hosted games like a “worst driver’s license photo” contest when a flight was delayed for more than two hours.

Southwest did not immediately respond to Travel + Leisure’s request for comment.