"I know how much little things mean to people when things are already going so rough."

Stacy Hurt Cancer Patient Lost Luggage Return Southwest Airlines
Credit: Courtesy of Stacy Hurt

A little kindness goes a long way — especially at the airport.

While traveling from Nashville, Tennessee to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last month, Stacy Hurt opted to switch to an earlier flight on Southwest. Unfortunately, the flight switch separated her from her luggage, which contained some important items.

Hurt, who has colon cancer, had packed a number of medications and other items she wanted to take with her to her chemotherapy appointment, including a rosary and a lucky t-shirt.

Hurt called the airline as soon as she noticed the problem. “I had a lot of items in the suitcase that I needed and wanted for chemotherapy... Many of them were personal items to me. I just started getting very emotional, and I started to cry,” she told CBS Pittsburgh.

Sarah Rowan, a customer service representative who spoke to Hurt, was moved by her predicament and told her that she would do everything in her power to get her suitcase back before Hurt’s 9 a.m. appointment the next day.

In the morning, Hurt woke up to her suitcase at her door with a note from Rowan. It said:

“Sorry for the delay getting your bag to you. Myself + my Southwest family are thinking of you + wishing you all the best. Kick that cancer’s BUTT!”

Hurt posted the sweet note on the Southwest Airlines Facebook page, saying: “You give new meaning to the words 'exceptional customer service.'”

The bag finally arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport around 2 a.m., so Rowan personally drove to Hurt’s home to deliver it with the note in the middle of the night, according to Hurt’s Facebook post.

“I looked up her address, and it was about 25 minutes from where I live. Me getting the bag to her was more important than getting into bed half an hour earlier,” Rowan told HuffPost. “My father passed away from effects of chemo, so I know in that situation things aren’t easy. I know how much little things mean to people when things are already going so rough.”