Nashville International Airport in Nashville, Tennessee
Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

There are worse problems at the airport than losing your baggage.

A sewage leak at Nashville International Airport may have soiled at least 200 Southwest Airlines passengers' bags, the airline said in a statement Thursday.

Airport officials believe the problem started with a toilet in a women's restroom inside the terminal, which was close to the baggage handling area. The sewage spilled onto the floor and seeped onto the baggage handling area where it contaminated the bags for Southwest’s morning flights, according to ABC 7.

The airline is handling the situation, though: It is sanitizing affected bags, and offering replacements when appropriate.

Employees quickly figured out what had happened, identified bags that were affected, and started cleanup, so there were no delays. Some passengers, however, decided to travel without the damaged bags, according to ABC 7.

Perhaps in this situation, you might want to just get a new suitcase.