By Stacey Leasca
September 19, 2019
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Southwest Airlines selling peanuts
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Southwest Airlines knows its loyalists really miss those discontinued peanuts. While it sadly will not be bringing them back on their planes due to an abundance of caution for those suffering from allergies, the airline is offering one more way to get them: By purchasing this lunchbox filled with Southwest peanuts.

On the Southwest store, fans of the airline can now purchase a retro tin lunchbox that also comes complete with a packet of those salty nuts. According to the store’s description, “This retro lunchbox is double-sided with Lightly Salted and Honey Roasted peanut pack images. Each box contains one 10z bag of the original honey roasted peanuts and one 10oz bag of the original lightly salted peanuts.”

The lunchbox and the nuts will set you back about $29. You could also pick up a Southwest peanut pillow for $29 and a peanut pouch for just $9.

Right now, the lunchboxes and nuts appear to be on backorder, however, you can likely expect them to return soon as Southwest has offered them in the past too.

"We love to have specialty items from time to time that are fun, unique and remind customers of our brand," Ro Hawthorne, a spokeswoman for Southwest, told TODAY Food over the summer about the return of the nuts.

If you really don’t want the lunchbox and just are after those salty-sweet nuts here is one more way to get your hands on them. And that’s by finding them on Amazon.

As USA Today previously reported, Southwest’s peanuts came from King Nut. And their product is currently available — in bulk — on Amazon. But really, where’s the fun in buying a plain bag of peanuts when you can get a cool piece of Southwest memorabilia with it? Keep clicking “refresh” on the Southwest website to see when those tasty snacks will be back in stock.