By Andrea Romano
November 01, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

This little girl may be taking you on a trip someday.

Blair Smith, a 6-year-old from Dacula, Georgia, has wanted to be a pilot for about three years now, thanks to Southwest Airlines.

After her parents divorced, Blair’s father, Jared Smith, moved to Washington, D.C., but would fly back and forth between Atlanta and D.C. twice a year to pick up Blair and her sister for week-long visits.

Credit: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

During these visits, according to The Points Guy, Jared would fly to Atlanta, pick up his daughters, then fly back to his home in D.C. with them. He would do the same two-flight excursion on the way back so the girls never had to fly as unaccompanied minors.

And the family always flew with Southwest, mainly due to their open seating policy, so they could always sit together. This is where Blair’s love of flying, and love of the airline in particular, was born.

After just her second trip, Blair expressed her interest in becoming a pilot. She even got a pilot’s uniform for her birthday and wore it every time she flew — as if she wasn’t adorable enough already.

Credit: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

Flight crews started instantly recognizing the girl whenever she came on board. She got to visit plane cockpits, had conversations with real pilots, and got plenty of those tiny little wings (from all kinds of airlines) for her lapel.

Blair’s father shared her fun moments in the sky on social media. She was especially happy to meet her first female pilot.

She got a tour of Southwest Airlines’ headquarters and spent some time in a Boeing 737 simulator. “I kept joking with Blair that I was having more fun than she was and she quickly shot me down saying that we were having the same amount of fun,” Jared told The Points Guy.

Credit: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

While at the headquarters, a Southwest Airlines pilot also gave her a real set of Southwest Check Airman wings that put her tiny plastic wings to shame. Blair now displays her real wings proudly.

“I got the impression that something like this hasn’t happened very often for kids of non-employees. A common assumption was that I was a pilot and/or worked for Southwest. When I told people I was neither, they were very impressed that the company did something that cool for Blair,” Jared said.

Considering that Southwest has been breaking ground with its all-female flight crews, Blair should be able to fly the skies in no time.