A Southwest Airlines jet
Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

A Southwest Airlines flight that had taken off from Austin, Texas and was scheduled to arrive at Chicago’s Midway International Airport on Tuesday, July 11, was diverted back after two passengers erupted in a brawl mid-flight.

Passengers on Southwest Airlines flight 3590 posted details about the incident on social media, claiming the disturbance occurred when one passenger reached over his seat and punched another.

“We heard some loud noises, like in the back of the plane; the flight attendant was making one of the passengers move, and then a few minutes later the captain came on and said that we had to turn around and go back to Austin,” Birkman told CBS.

Another passenger on the flight, Oren Stewart, also told the news outlet that it looked like one of the men involved in the fight was under the influence of alcohol and punched the other for no apparent reason.

The flight, which had already been delayed, was back on the ground within an hour or so of taking off, according to Dallas News. Security reportedly escorted both men off the plane.

The Austin Police Department told Travel + Leisure they arrested one of the men involved. The plane was eventually able to refuel and depart hours later than expected.

The airline had a similar incident in May, when footage showed a fist fight breaking out between passengers who were about to deplane.