Round-trip flights start at $98. 

By Talia Avakian
Updated: January 15, 2019

If you’re looking to take an affordable trip to popular U.S. stops this winter and spring, Southwest Airlines is currently offering domestic flights that start at just $49 one-way as part of its New Year sale.

Travelers can take advantage of $49 one-way flights to popular stops like San Diego and Los Angeles when booking tickets through Jan. 24 for travel anytime between then and May 22.

Return flights also start at $49 one-way, giving round-trip totals that start at just $98.

Most of the deals under $60 are available on shorter routes between stops like Las Vegas and Long Beach (starting at $51 one-way), San Francisco and Las Vegas (starting at $51 one-way), Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale (starting at $59 one-way), or Las Vegas and Salt Lake City (starting at $59 one-way).

There are also $62 one-way flights from Providence to Washington, D.C and $67 one-way flights from Nashville to Atlanta, while $69 one-way flights are available from stops like Cincinnati and Chicago, Denver and El Paso, and Oklahoma City and Denver.

For under $90, travelers can head from Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans (starting at $87 one-way), from Columbus to Chicago (starting at $88 one-way), or to popular music stops like Memphis from Chicago (starting at $89 one-way).

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There are also a variety of deals under $100 one-way, including flights between Chicago and New York (starting at $91 one-way), Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale (starting at $96 one-way), and Nashville and New York (starting at $99 one-way).

Meanwhile, those in search of sunshine can head to San Juan, Puerto Rico starting at $119 one-way from Fort Lauderdale and at $162 one-way from Chicago.

Tickets to San Juan are available for travel between Jan. 29 and Feb. 28, and from April 23 through May 16.