Round-trip flights start at $98.

By Talia Avakian
January 14, 2019

If you’re looking to take an affordable trip to popular U.S. stops this winter and spring, Southwest Airlines is currently offering domestic flights that start at just $49 one-way as part of its New Year sale.

Travelers can take advantage of $49 one-way flights to popular stops like San Diego and Los Angeles when booking tickets through Jan. 24 for travel anytime between then and May 22.

Return flights also start at $49 one-way, giving round-trip totals that start at just $98.

Most of the deals under $60 are available on shorter routes between stops like Las Vegas and Long Beach (starting at $51 one-way), San Francisco and Las Vegas (starting at $51 one-way), Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale (starting at $59 one-way), or Las Vegas and Salt Lake City (starting at $59 one-way).

There are also $62 one-way flights from Providence to Washington, D.C and $67 one-way flights from Nashville to Atlanta, while $69 one-way flights are available from stops like Cincinnati and Chicago, Denver and El Paso, and Oklahoma City and Denver.

For under $90, travelers can head from Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans (starting at $87 one-way), from Columbus to Chicago (starting at $88 one-way), or to popular music stops like Memphis from Chicago (starting at $89 one-way).

There are also a variety of deals under $100 one-way, including flights between Chicago and New York (starting at $91 one-way), Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale (starting at $96 one-way), and Nashville and New York (starting at $99 one-way).

Meanwhile, those in search of sunshine can head to San Juan, Puerto Rico starting at $119 one-way from Fort Lauderdale and at $162 one-way from Chicago.

Tickets to San Juan are available for travel between Jan. 29 and Feb. 28, and from April 23 through May 16.