Southwest Just Debuted Its First New Uniforms in 20 Years

It's the first full uniform update the airline has made in 20 years.

New Southwest Uniforms
Photo: Courtesy of Southwest

Southwest Airlines is rolling out its first complete uniform in 20 years.

To ensure that the new uniforms not only reflected the airline’s brand but were also functional and comfortable for employees, the airline created an Employee Design Team that worked with corporate apparel maker Cintas to create the designs.

Stephen M. Keller, 2016. Courtesy of Southwest

Once the pieces were designed, about 120 employees did a six-month test run in the different options to determine the best fit and functionality. In total, it took three years to complete the update.

To stay in line with Southwest’s brand and known colors, the team went with hues featured in the brand’s color pallet, including a bold blue, a warm red, and summit silver.

The collection features a range of pants, shirts, polos, shorts, skirts, and dresses that employees can choose from in Southwest’s signature colors.

Pilots uniforms have also been updated: Previously navy blue, they're now black.

New Southwest Uniforms
Courtesy of Southwest

The new design is in conjunction with the recent changes Southwest has been making to its cabin interiors and its brand as a whole, including the new Heart galley and logo the airline adopted in 2014, making updates like seats upholstered in bright blue leather to fit the theme.

The move comes a few months after American Airlines unveiled its new uniforms, which left thousands of employees complaining about hives, wheezing, coughing, and headaches. The airline is currently looking for a new manufacturer, according to The Dallas Morning News.

New Southwest Uniforms
Courtesy of Southwest

Some employees are already wearing the new designs, and all employees will be outfitted by September.

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