Singapore Airlines is the only company to hold the No. 1 spot in any World's Best category for all 22 years of the survey's existence.
singapore airlines plane
Credit: Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has taken the No. 1 spot as the best international airline in this year’s World’s Best Awards, holding the title for all 22 years the Travel + Leisure survey has existed.

T+L readers voted on the best international airlines based on their cabin comfort, service, food, customer service, and value.

Singapore Airlines is the only company to have held the No. 1 spot in any World's Best category for all 22 years, with readers giving the airline high scores thanks to offerings like its Premium Economy cabins, which they said are similar to business-class services on other carriers.

Premium Economy passengers are treated to seats as wide as 19.5 inches, allowing for more shoulder room, and built-in footrests increase comfort while lounging.

The seats can recline up to eight inches, while a pitch of 38 inches ensures ample legroom.

Premium Economy seats also come with two USB ports, adjustable reading lamps, priority treatment from check-in to boarding, and nifty amenities that include a cocktail table, noise-cancelling headphones, and champagne.

The luxury continues with first class offerings that include 35-inch-wide seats made of full-grain leather that can transform into fully-flat beds, mood lighting, and curved privacy partitions built into the seats onboard its new Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts.

Ferragamo amenities and menu items, including steak baked in a steam oven to retain its moisture, all add an opulent touch, while Singapore Airlines’ airport lounges may serve you goodies that include Singapore Sling cocktails and traditional Singaporean meals.

The airline also recently upgraded its business class offerings onboard the A350 and retrofitted Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts, giving passengers two new seating positions that allow them to get into both a cradling and a lounging stance.

Singapore Airlines uses a pressurized tasting room to ensure their meals taste just as good at an elevation of 30,000 feet as they would on the ground, in spite of the way cabin pressure changes can affect how you perceive taste.

They also have an international panel of eight different renowned chefs that prep in-flight meals and make it a point to serve up regional favorites ranging from Randy's Donuts in Los Angeles to Blue Bell Ice Cream in Houston for first and business class passengers.

They're one of the only airlines in the world to still serve caviar as a part of their dinner services on first class long-haul flights, and, according to spokesperson James Boyd, are the only airline that still gives fliers the option of two different champagnes: Dom Perignon or Krug Grand Cuvee.

Finally, Singapore Airlines was the first to start flying the A380, which is the world’s biggest passenger plane with amenities that include onboard showers and even a lounge.