Is it art or is it an in-flight safety video?

A new video released by Singapore Airlines, which will start showing on flights at the end of the year, has found a way to blur the lines between the two.

The in-flight announcement seamlessly blends beautiful imagery of historic landmarks around Singapore with the usual safety measures that travelers expect to hear during their inflight safety announcements.

In order to show just how gorgeous Singapore really is, while also reminding passengers to keep their tray tables locked and seats upright, the video takes a more imaginative approach. Each demonstration, instead of being shown in an airplane cabin, is shown at a photogenic landmark.

For example, the video shows how to brace for an emergency landing at Henderson Waves Bridge and how to put on your life vest at Adventure Cove Water Park.

Not only is the video informative in the event of an emergency, it also gives travelers plenty of ideas of where to go once they land.

In other words, it's much more than just a safety announcement, from an airline that goes above and beyond. No wonder Travel + Leisure readers have named Singapore Airlines the best international airline 22 years in a row.