Memory foam airplane seats? Yes, please.

A mattress company has unveiled what it is calling “the world’s most advanced airline seat,” to promote better sleep onboard flights.

Simba Sleep has developed an airline seat that allows passengers to experience zero gravity while flying: The seat “closely simulates weightlessness which eases pressure on the back and spine whilst dissolving strain from the extremities,” the manufacturer said.

SIMBA Air-Hybrid (as the seat is being called) relies on the same technology that can be found in the company’s everyday mattresses. The seats are built with a “fusion of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam” that is meant to promote promote circulation throughout the body while regulating heat and support.

Simba said that the airline seat was developed after a chance encounter with Gareth Bale, a soccer player who plays forward for Wales and Real Madrid. According to Business Traveller, the athlete and the company wanted to create “a technologically advanced in-flight sleep experience to combat fettered sleep at 36,000 feet,” especially for red-eye flights.

The seat can be positioned upright for active passengers on the plane and then reclined with “gentle automatic adjustments” for passengers to sleep.

While the SIMBA Air-Hybrid is currently only in prototype, the company says that it is in talks with commercial and private airlines to bring the seats onboard aircraft.