It's 16 minutes, from takeoff to landing.

Shortest flight in the U.S.
SkyWest services the shortest flight in the U.S., which spends about 16 minutes in the air.
| Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

United, via SkyWest, is now offering the shortest flight in the U.S. at just 16 minutes long, taking passengers from San Francisco to Santa Rosa, in California.

The airline operates the 62-mile route with a scheduled time of 45 minutes, which includes taxiing before takeoff and after landing, The Telegraph reported. In other words, you're spending more time on the taxiway than in the air.

Driving from San Francisco to Santa Rosa takes about an hour and 10 minutes, and can take much longer with traffic.

Santa Rosa offers a great weekend getaway for residents of San Francisco, and is a perfect first spot for a jaunt through the Sonoma Valley. It is the largest city in the wine region of Sonoma County, and it is known for its vineyards and top-tier restaurants. The California city also has attractions for young children.

While this route might be the shortest in the U.S., the quickest plane ride in the world flies from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands in Scotland and lasts just 90 seconds. Loganair has operated the 1.7-mile route for the past 50 years, with an adjusted schedule in the winter, the airline told Travel + Leisure.

Austrian airline People’s Air Group used to hold the record for the shortest international flight, with a route from Switzerland to Germany that took just eight minutes. People’s Air Group canceled the route earlier this year because off lack of demand and the high cost of operating such a short-haul flight.