Emirates' seaweed pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Emirates

Emirates prides itself on providing one of the most luxurious first class experiences in aviation—and it’s all in the details.

This week the airline introduced a brand-new, unique perk for first class passengers: seaweed-infused pajamas.

They are calling the new perk “the world’s first moisturising lounge wear designed for an airline,” and it’s meant to make sure first class passengers needn’t put up with the dry skin problems that plague everyone back in coach.

The pajamas are created with something called “Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology.” Basically the fabric was pressed with “billions of capsules” to make it release “naturally-moisturising sea kelp during movement.” So even passengers who are stuck on a plane with re-circulating air for hours can leave the aircraft feeling more refreshed than when they boarded.

The pajamas also come with a felt pouch for those who want to continue wearing their first-class sleepwear long after the flight. Apparently the moisturizing capsules in the pajamas can last for up to 10 washes.

But if moisturizing pajamas alone are not enough to lull a passenger to sleep, Emirates also provides ”sheep-skin like” blankets, slippers and an eyemask. Passengers can stop at the onboard “shower spa” and get ready for sleep with Bulgari amenity kits, which include seaweed skincare products (to match the pajamas).

The amenity kits come in eight different styles, all leather, and are available to all first class passengers on overnight long-haul flights.