San Diego International Airport Comic Con
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Each summer, comic book lovers from all over the world descend on San Diego for Comic-Con. The event allows fans to come face-to-face with the actors who portray their favorite superheroes on screen and also gives them the opportunity to get a few of their prized comic books signed by the authors, actors, and creators.

However, this year’s group of Comic-Con-goers may have a hard time bringing all that new paraphernalia home thanks to a very bizarre rule at San Diego International Airport.

Campbell's Soup casts its web on the San Diego Airport with 'Canstruction' Fun at San Diego International Airport California Comic Con
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According to View From The Wing, attendees of the event arrived at San Diego International Airport to find screens telling them they could not keep comic books in their checked luggage and would have to instead carry them on their flights. Several people even shared the announcement on Twitter.

But, as Le Chic Geek reported, this probably wasn’t just some weird attempt to force comic book lovers to inconveniently carry their hauls with them. Some comic-loving travelers took to Twitter to share that they have been affected by this issue before, and were told that comic books can set off the TSA's x-ray machines because they're unable to properly scan their glossy pages. If this is true, leaving them in checked bags would trigger a huge influx of bag searches in San Diego over the weekend.

But while United claimed all airlines out of San Diego were enforcing the ban as per the TSA's rules, Consumerist reports the TSA denied having anything to do with it. There is “no restriction on anything related to putting comics or any type of books” in baggage, and TSA never put out any guidance to that effect, a TSA spokeswoman told the outlet. “In fact, they are allowed in both checked and carry-on baggage."

The TSA later called out United publicly on Twitter.

Regardless of where the odd rule came from, it's going to be OK. United noted that the comic book ban was only in place for the weekend, so fans can go back to stuffing their bags full of rare editions in peace.