The luxury automaker is teaming up with Airbus and Siemens to develop a new passenger plane.
Airbus A380 Plane Flight
Credit: P.PIGEYRE/MasterFilms - Courtesy of Airbus

Hybrid-electric planes are coming to a sky near you — with the help of Rolls Royce.

The luxury automaker has teamed up with Airbus and Siemens to develop hybrid-electric plane technology in an effort to cut aviation pollution, according to CNBC.

The initiative, referred to as the E-Fan X program by the companies, aims to develop electric passenger jets for commercial use by 2025. But first, a test flight is scheduled by 2020.

"We see hybrid-electric propulsion as a compelling technology for the future of aviation," Paul Eremenko, Airbus' chief technology officer, said in a press release Tuesday, CNBC reported.

Rolls Royce is building a new electricity generator that will placed at the back of the E-Fan X plane. That, along with jet fuel, will help power a two-megawatt motor developed by Siemens, which will propel the body of the plane manufactured by Airbus.

The collaboration comes with the knowledge that the European Commission laid out a substantial goals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxides, and noise pollution by 2050, according to CNBC.

Airbus, Siemens and Rolls Royce are not the only companies taking a crack at figuring out a solution to those targets.

Zumum Aero, a startup based near Seattle, is working on 12-seat hybrid electric jets that can fly up to 700 miles per hour.