By Andrea Romano
May 23, 2019
Pierre Gauthier ©

Planespotters will have a much easier time exploring their hobby at Jean-Lesage International Airport of Quebec, Canada.

According to PetaPixel, the Canadian airport has installed special panels around the perimeter of the airport’s grounds to allow photographers to get better views of aircraft landing and taking off. The project was in conjunction with YQB Aviation, a planespotting organization in Quebec.

The airport posted about the collaboration with photos on Facebook.

If you’re not sure what planespotting is, you’ll be surprised to find out there’s a whole community surrounding taking photos, tracking movement, and getting up close and personal to aircraft. Basically put, planespotters just love airplanes in general.

While airports are usually the best places for plane spotting, you can spot planes pretty much anywhere with a good vantage point, usually in the airport vicinity, like Maho Beach in St. Maarten. Though, plane spotting is not without its risks, since getting too close to aircraft can cause injury or death.

But if you are an experienced and cautious plane spotter with a good camera, you can get some magnificent artwork, like photographer Mike Kelley, who created a series by manipulating photographs to make them look like dozens of planes were taking off at the same time.

Pierre Gauthier ©

And for photographers at Jean-Lesage International Airport, getting the perfect shot will be much easier. 10 photography holes have been placed on fences at different points of the airport’s tarmac, giving planespotters lots of options for excellent views.

Each hole is marked with a small panel that reads “Area Reserved for Photographers.”

Pierre Gauthier ©

YQB Aviation even posted a map of the 10 photography spots on the airport’s Facebook post.

Not only is this a great opportunity for plane spotters to take better photos, but it’ll also make this peculiar hobby safer for everyone.