Can an app make you pay attention to in-flight safety instructions?
Credit: Emmanuel Aguirre/Getty Images

The days of tuning out during your in-flight safety video are over.

Certainly there are worse parts of flying than a safety demonstration, but most travelers would rather bury themselves in their books and magazines, or recently, just turn on their music, than pay attention to the flight attendant before take-off.

Now, a new app called Air Safety World is the solution to get the most important information that could potentially help protect passengers without the “risk” of boring them to pieces before take off.

The app features adorable graphics, silly in-flight humor and interactive activities to help teach the important safety procedures, and it’s all completely free. The app was developed by Italy’s University of Udine’s Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab.

Professor Luca Chittaro, who led the team at HCI told The Independent, “research on traditional airline safety briefing media like safety cards and videos has highlighted that they are scarcely effective for two main reasons: lack of passenger’s attention and lack of passenger’s comprehension.”

By gamifying the process, the developers hope to increase comprehension. For example, the app challenges and grades you on proper bracing position and putting on your oxygen mask correctly and the app’s virtual flight attendant shows you the right way. It’s like building skills as you would in a normal video game. There is even a task named Door Ninja, wherein the user practices the procedure to open emergency doors on a timed course.

HCI also has another in-flight safety app called Prepare for Impact, which launched last year. Users are walked through disaster scenarios like water landings, fires and collisions during take-off.

“One study has shown that making the briefing highly interactive improves participant’s performance in the real world,” said Chittaro.