This is your casual reminder to never throw electronics, especially at the airport.

After a man was told he could not bring his power bank onto a flight in Turkey due to electronics restrictions, he threw the battery pack to the ground, causing a small explosion.

According to Turkey's Dogan news agency, and translated by Mashable, the man got in an argument with security officials over the device, which led him to fling it to the ground in anger.

The incident occurred at Istanbul Alatürk Airport at Gate 710, according to another passenger, Greg Luck, who posted about it on Twitter. Luck was apparently about 30 feet from the explosion.

Istanbul Airport also reported the news on Twitter, noting that no one was hurt during the incident.

Another Twitter photo shows where the battery pack landed and caught fire.

According to Reuters, the U.S. lifted its ban on laptops and large electronics from Dubai and Istanbul in preference of more time to screen passengers, however, the man was traveling to the U.K., which still has sanctions.

Perhaps this is the reason some countries prohibit certain electronics on flights.