By Andrea Romano
October 24, 2019
Wang Li/EyeEm/Getty Images

You can meet all kinds of people on planes: the good, the bad, and the downright peculiar.

There are people who take their shoes off, who sleep under seats, clip their toenails, and generally do things that would be better reserved for the privacy of their own homes rather than at 36,000 feet — and thanks to social media, some are caught on camera.

The Instagram account "Passenger Shaming" often highlights these travelers for other users to either get a good laugh or count their blessings that they weren’t on the same flight. But one recent photo from the social media account has gotten some mixed reactions.

The photo in question shows a woman is in the middle of doing some haircare, specifically brushing out her removable hair extensions or wig mid-flight with other passengers sitting right next to her. Neither the passenger nor the airline have been identified in the post, which is captioned, “Don’t mind me, just combing the airplane for my wig.”

While some commenters see the public wig-brushing as inappropriate and downright confusing, others have been defending the woman in the photo.

“I though she was a passenger shaming vigilante at first and messing with the front passenger’s hair. Now I don’t even know my name anymore,” said one user. Many other users echoed this confusion, with many having to take a few looks at the picture before they realized the woman was brushing some locks of fake hair.

“Anything you would do in your bathroom don’t do in public,” said another commenter.

“I wouldn’t do it personally, but it’s not a hanging offense. Also, the whole world is real dirty. Wash your hands and accept it,” a commenter said in the woman’s defense. Another pointed out, “I see nothing wrong with this at all. The only thing that’s wrong is the extensions are now dirty from the table. It’s more her taking the risk.”

Other comments seem to neither condemn nor defend the behavior, with one commenter saying, “I feel like I’ve done this before.” Another joked, “Unbeweavable.”

In all fairness, it’s probably very difficult to brush out this sort of hair extension while it’s still on your head without potentially ripping out your actual hair. However, there’s no rule saying she can’t do her hair maintenance in the restroom.