There are quite a few perks to being a pilot.

You get to jet around the world, visit destinations near and far, and learn the ins and outs of every airport. But perhaps the best part of the job is getting some of the best views of the planet while you’re working.

While the view from 30,000 feet may be impressive back in the cabin, it’s even more stunning from the flight deck. The open skies stretch out ahead and mountain ranges, storm systems, and oceans all beckon to be explored.

And if you thought that flying through a cloud was interesting from the passenger’s window, imagine trying to navigate through it.

After watching these landing views from the cockpit, you'd be forgiven for reconsidering your entire career path and aiming to become a pilot.

And the airline industry will probably be grateful: Earlier this year, Boeing reported that the airlines will need to hire 637,000 new pilots by 2036. And although these videos may not replace a flight simulator, they’re a good start to your training.