Airplane beverage
Credit: Getty Images

Aside from emergencies, there are a lot of peculiar scenarios that can make a plane abandon course and head for the nearest airport. Culprits include strange smells, unfaithful spouses, and poorly named Wi-Fi networks. But, this weekend, one flight crew’s failure to meet a passenger’s champagne wishes was enough to divert Swiss flight LX1327.

The flight, traveling from Moscow to Zurich, was forced to make an emergency stop in Germany — less than an hour away from their scheduled destination — after a business class passenger became aggressive with crew members.

After being cut off, the 44-year-old business class passenger continued demanding more champagne. After the flight crew continued to deny the passenger a refill, she began to pace around the cabin and even managed to grab a crew member by the wrist.

Ultimately the flight was grounded for 45 minutes and the passenger was fined $5,900.

She’s not the first person to get upset over on-board bubbly; earlier this year a Canadian man decided to sue an airline because they served him sparkling wine instead of real champagne.