Turning your smartphone into a workspace or entertainment center can be clutch during Trump's electronics ban.

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Cellphone on plane
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An electronics ban that forbids devices larger than a cell phone from entering the cabin on flights to the U.S. from certain Middle Eastern cities has already caused setbacks for travelers.

Air travelers have been unable to work or enjoy media on their devices during the long-haul flights, with many business travelers losing a full work day. As the federal administration continues to mull the idea of expanding the ban to destinations in Europe and beyond, travelers will need to adapt.

Whether it's learning how to protect your laptop when checking it with your luggage or finding a very long book, long-haul air travel will not be the same.

For people who want to get work done or just be able to watch a movie, here are some technologies that can help you turn your phone into a multi-use device.

Find a keyboard and mouse that work for you

While being separated from your laptop for several hours can be an inconvenience for all passengers, for business travelers in particular it can have immediate consequences. Turn your cell phone into a mini work station by purchasing an attachable keyboard and mouse to work on the go.

With a travel keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse, you can make an office in the sky.

Set your phone up with a stand

Whether watching a movie or drafting an email, it can be hard to use a smartphone as a laptop while trying to gingerly lean it against the seat in front of you. Investing in a stand for your smartphone that either sits on the tray table or clips onto the seatback can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Take advantage of a secret headphone trick

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones are a must for any traveler, regardless of the electronics ban. Travel + Leisure has a few choice favorites made with the traveler’s needs in mind. There’s also a secret hook on the back of your tray table that you can lace your headphones through to keep the dangling cords from getting in front of your screen.

Don't forget your portable charger

One of the most helpful parts of being allowed multiple devices on planes was the ability to use one or the other if the battery was running low, or to charge your phone connected to a computer.

It’s especially important now to remember to bring a portable charger to keep your phone going over the course of long flights.