You've been warned.

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Travelers who are not careful when booking their airline tickets can end up paying hundreds of dollars down the line.

This was the case for Kevin Marshall, who told CTV News that he had to cough up close to $1,000 for an easy-to-miss mistake that was made when booking a flight for him and his family.

Marshall told the publication that his employee booked their tickets for an upcoming trip, but made a mistake when entering Marshall’s daughter’s name.

Marshall’s employee entered Lynn Meaghan Marshall instead of Meaghan Lynn Marshall, a mistake that Marshall thought would be easy to fix.

“It was a simple mistake,” he told CTV. That simple mistake cost him $971.

After catching the mix-up, Marshall told the publication that he contacted the Travel Agent Next Door, the travel company his employee used to book the flights, only to be told they would need to cancel and rebook the ticket from Cambridge, Ontario to Australia.

“If it had been our mistake, we would have paid the $971, but we booked the ticket based on the name that was given to us,” the company told CTV in a statement. They also added that they were following the policies of the airlines involved (Air Canada and Qantas Airways), both of which told CTV they’re currently reviewing the case.

In a similar case earlier this year, two newlyweds ended up paying an additional $616 for their Virgin Australia flight due to the fact that they had booked the tickets before their wedding date and did not realize that the switch in the wife’s last name would require booking a new flight.