By Erika Owen
December 19, 2016
Norwegian Airplane
Credit: Copyright Morten Falch Sortland

The holidays came a little bit early for those looking to get away.

Norwegian Airlines is gifting free flights around Europe to a few lucky U.S. citizens with its aptly named “Free Shipping” sale. Themed as an auction of sorts, there are a number of items you can enter to win—Matryoshka dolls from Prague and a pearl bracelet from Majorca, to name a few.

Each item has a price, but if you're the one chosen to win that item, Norwegian will also send you to the destination. So, you're getting a free vacation, along with a souvenir from the airline.

Going with the idea of “free shipping,” Norwegian makes a pretty promise to winners: “No cardboard box for you! You’ll be shipped in comfort on a 787 Dreamliner, built to reduce jet lag with its smart lighting and fresher in-cabin air.” Sounds good.

To enter, head to the Norwegian Free Shipping website and put your name on the Standby List. A new place is put up every few hours, so keep your eyes peeled.

The contest ends December 20, so there are only a few more hours of incredible deals.