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| Credit: Christian Garibaldi

Travelers passing through Newark Liberty’s Terminal C can, for the first time, see progress on the much-discussed development of the United Airlines hub.

The first two restaurants to open may help flyers forget their troubles as both are concepts designed around alcohol. The menu at Caps Beer Garden (above) includes a mix of Asian and American snacks such as buffalo chicken bao buns or cheddarwurst melt. The eclectic selection was created by Chef Dale Talde, a former Top Chef contestant, and current proprietor of Talde restaurant in Brooklyn. Proof Whiskey Bar (below) offers American cuisine including turkey burgers, pork chops, and steaks and, of course whiskey. The menu there is headed by Chef John DeLucie of The Lion.

Credit: Copyright 2014 Christian Garibaldi

Each is placed in the center of the terminal, replacing moving walkways with a more welcome, and enjoyable, past time. Four more new dining concepts will open in the coming months.

The first of 58 upgraded gate areas also opened with a heavy focus on technology, as is the design firm OTG’s style. There are more than 100 power ports and more than 60 iPads spread throughout the terminal with a mix of workstations, long tables with communal seating, and traditional gate seating.

The terminal is also the first in the world where travelers can buy meals using MileagePlus award miles.

Credit: Christian Garibaldi