New York and New Jersey's Port Authority called for on-site stores to immediately stop selling the devices.

Credit: Alamy

Drones, as fun as they are to play around with, are quickly becoming a bit of a sore spot for pilots. Given their size, the devices can cause catastrophic damage if crashed into an airplane mid-flight. As Captain Sully—the pilot behind the airplane that successfully landed in the Hudson River after colliding with a few birds—has said, a happy medium between airline safety and drone use needs to be put in place. After all, pilots have spotted twice as many drones eight months into 2015 than they did in all of 2014. In light of this conversation, Newark Airport has taken action and called for all on-loction retail spots to cease the sale of drones immediately, specifically a Brookstone located past security in Terminal C and a Hudson News in Terminal A of the airport.

This decision comes from New York and New Jersey's Port Authority. Ron Marsico, Port Authority spokesperson, shares the official statement in a write-up on Mashable: "The Port Authority shares the aviation community's safety concerns about the growing presence of drones around the region's airports and is strongly opposed to the sale of drones at terminal shops."

Though the shops have expressed concern that the drones are simply toys and not meant to threaten aviation or even be flown near the airport, seeing as the federal law prohibits flying drones near airports. That being said, the unmanned aerial vehicles are still being removed from the airport's shops.

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