You’re going to need a bunch more bins.

Orlando Airport Security
Credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

New TSA security measures announced in July are being rolled out in airports around the country, most recently at large hubs including Baltimore–Washington International Airport and Orlando International Airport.

Passengers now need to take out all large electronics and put them through security in a separate bin from their carry-on bags, a process that has long been in place for laptops.

The TSA said it was responding to a threat that terrorists could be targeting airports by attempting to disguise bombs inside large electronics.

“We know that [terrorists] have means to be able to alter electronic devices and convert those into improvised explosive devices,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told WTOP.

Representatives from the TSA declined to give a timeline as to when these protocols will be implemented at additional airports, but the procedure is expected to be fully in place at all U.S. airports in the coming months.

TSA PreCheck members will not be affected.

The change comes as security on inbound international flights to the U.S. is also ramping up. The U.S. is requiring all international airlines to conduct stricter screening of passengers on U.S.-bound flights starting Thursday.

Passengers should expect short interviews at check-in or the gate, as well as closer inspection of personal electronics.