The age of better in-flight entertainment is almost here.

According to Variety, Netflix has announced that the company will start extending bandwidth-efficient technology built for mobile devices to airline carriers across the globe in an effort to offer low-cost or free Wi-Fi entertainment to passengers.

Soon, you could spend your flight blissfully passing the time binge watching your favorite shows — just like you do on your own couch.

Netflix has already been developing the technology to bring better bandwidth to mobile devices for customers who are viewing on the go, or having to use spotty connections. Teaming up with United, American Airlines or Delta Air Lines (to name a few), which have to deal with connectivity and speed challenges on every flight, makes perfect sense.

Netflix's tech could save airlines up to 75 percent in bandwidth costs while offering better internet, The Verge reported.

As Variety noted, Netflix has partnered with airlines in the past, including including Virgin America, Aeromexico, Qantas, and Virgin Australia.

The entertainment streaming company plans to launch the new in-flight initiative in 2018.