Miami International Airport
Credit: Getty Images

An unexpected object set off a scare at Miami International Airport on Saturday night.

According to the Miami Herald, a janitor was cleaning a restroom in the airport when she spotted a small object that looked to be an explosive device. As quickly as possible, she told airport officials, who called the police.

After the concourse was evacuated and bomb squad officers and K-9 units came to the scene, they found that the device was actually a child’s toy: a toy grenade, to be exact.

Naturally, this mistake could have happened to anyone, since some toys are made to mimic the real thing.

“Yes, [the toy was] like the grenades you see in the cartoons. But you have to understand, when something that had the potential to end another way ends like this, you realize tonight is a good night,” Miami-Dade police spokesman Lee Cowart told the Miami Herald.

About two hours later, the airport was cleared to resume its usual schedule. Some flights, however, had to be delayed as a result of the evacuation.

“It is still unclear who placed the suspicious item there but it is under investigation. We’re very happy this was a false alarm. We want people to keep saying something when they see something,” said Cowart.

Luckily, this time there was no harm done.